Kitty At The Office Foster Program

Hi! My name is Janga!

I was once a shelter kitty, but now I am a very happy KATO (Kitty at the Office).

But there are still lots of shelter kitties who would be much happier in temporary foster care while they await their forever homes.

So, I need YOU to help my furry friends by fostering at YOUR office, too. It's easy!

Good for You. Good for Kitty. Good for Shelters.

Friendly office environment is less stressful than the shelter.

Office fostering greatly increases a shelter's capacity to save lives.

Office coworkers share the responsibility of pet fostering.

Love from kitty increases well-being of everyone in the office.

Like-minded potential kitty adopters learn about your business.

Saving a life brings a lifetime of satisfaction.

What You Need for Your KATO

A safe office environment
Approval by your local shelter
Answers to your KATO FAQs 
KATO Starter Kit

Let's Get Started!

Is everyone in your office fully supportive of fostering a cat?
Are you and/or your coworkers willing to give your KATO daily care, even when the office is closed?
Are cat allergies a concern for you, your coworkers or clients?
Are you and/or your coworkers prepared to cover cat food and litter expenses during the foster period?

Let's Get Started!

It seems that your office many not be the best environment for a KATO.

Please contact your local shelter if you are still interested in fostering.

Let's Get Started!

Fill out the form below, and a KATO representative will contact you.


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